PhD Candidate - Wellcome Trust-DBT MF Study

Job Details

Post: PhD Student

Qualification:  M.Sc. Biotechnology / Biochemistry with UGC-NET fellowship

No. of Vacancies: Two

Application Due Date: 10th September, 2018

Salary: Rs. 25000/- pm

Location: Bangalore

Brief Description about the Project:

The research program is focused on -

  1. Understanding the role of environmental enteric dysfunction on digestibility and utilization of plant protein by humans.
  2. Evaluating protein sources for early growth in humans in different environments. It stems from previous projects which assessed the requirement of indispensable amino acids in humans under different conditions. The research will provide evidence for nutritional policy decision making and subsidies. It will develop innovative methods for the measurement of digestibility by growing intrinsically labelled legumes and evaluating gut function in digesting and absorbing these labelled plant materials. Conjointly, a program to understand early markers of growth to optimize infant and school child feeding (specifically with plant protein) will also be investigated.
  3. Further, it will also look at micronutrient bioavailability from millets and green leafy vegetables and engaging with public health areas of iron and vitamin A deficiency.

Job Responsibilities:

  • To use stable isotopic technology to develop intrinsically labelled nutrients in selected plants
  • Use of mass spectrometry techniques (GC-C-IRMS, LCMS)

Specific Activities:

  • To use stable isotopic technological expertise to develop intrinsically labelled nutrients in selected plants
  • Use of mass spectrometry techniques (GC-C-IRMS, LCMS) to assess amino acids
  • To develop non-invasive, precise, fast throughput methods to measure human digestibility and utilization of plant nutrients, focusing primarily on pulses for protein / amino acids and secondarily on millets for iron and carotenoids
  • To test the efficacy of selected, highly nutrient dense and bioavailable plant products in clinical trials addressing low birth weight and sarcopenia

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