Research Associate – DST EPIDAVIZ Study

Job Details

Post: Research Associate

Qualification: B.Tech / M.Sc. Statistics

No. of Vacancies: One

Languages: English and Kannada

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Experience: 0 - 2 years

Application Due Date: 25th May, 2018

Salary: Depends on qualification and competency

Brief Description about the Project:

  • The project, Epidemiology Data Analysis and Visualization (EPIDAVIZ) aims to help move epidemiologic data analysis and visualization away from its industrial-age roots in providing “one size fits all” data communication to an ecosystem of visual tools that are more predictive, pre-emptive, personalized and participatory over time. The project involves sourcing the relevant data, data analytics, data validation, data triangulation and data visualization.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Identifying health-related datasets relevant to project’s objectives
  • Cleaning, harmonising, labelling and warehousing of datasets
  • Generate periodic reports on results of cleaning and analysis of health & nutrition data
  • Prototyping and developing innovative data products using datasets

Key Skills:

Technical Skills:

  • (Required) R/Python, MS Office
  • (Preferred) MySQL, VBA

Domain Skills: 

  • (Required) Descriptive and Inferential Statistics, experience building and interpreting basic predictive models (Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, etc.), econometric models, clustering techniques (K-means, Hierarchical, etc.), dimensionality reduction & feature selection methods
  • (Preferred) Experience building and deploying data products such as survey applications, analysis and visualization tools; Prior experience in conducting/managing surveys would be a plus point

Specific Activities:

  • Ask the relevant research questions
  • Source the data - Relevant, large and small, diverse datasets from different departments related to health
  • Define - the needs of end-users/stakeholders
  • Data analytics - both descriptive (of past/current status) as well as predictive (modelling)
  • Rapid data validation or triangulation as needed
  • Script the story to be told via data visualization
  • Fit-for-purpose data visualization - both static paper-based reports as well as static/dynamic/interactive websites or portals customized for different stakeholders

To Apply: E-mail cover letter, CV and the names & contact details of referees to and cc to

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