Two-Week Advanced Course in Health Research Methodology, 2010

Sep 13 - Sep 25, 2010

As an add-on to the previous course, the Advanced Research Methodology course was conducted from 13th to 25th September, 2010. The objective of this course was to train the participants in advanced topics of study design, biostatistics, research ethics, project management, health policy and advocacy. There were 31 participants from 19 different cities representing 21 institutes of India. 13 participants had attended our basic course; HRMC 2009.

SUMMIT- an in-house learning management system had been developed for this course. The participants accessed reading materials, assignments and tests through this system. More than 40 discussion forums were created by the faculty as well as candidates during this course. Eight assignments and four online exams were also conducted using this system.

A structured evaluation was performed at the end of the course. Each participant was asked to score the lectures, group discussions, journal clubs, statistics modules, online LMS, and other activities conducted during the training. They also chose the best faculty and best lectures. Subjective statements were collected on key areas of learning, personal likes and recommended improvements for the course.

The overall score for HRM 2009 was 4.3 and for AHRM 2010 was 4.5.