Two-Week Course in Health Research & Two-Year Health Research Mentorship Program, 2011

Sep 12 - Sep 24, 2011

The two-week course in Health Research Methodology was held between 12th and 24th September, 2011.

30 participants of 20 different institutes from 18 cities were selected by the selection committee after evaluating their application form, research aptitude, project proposal and CV.

The research interests of the participants included obesity, diabetes, ethics, drug trials, informatics, vascular diseases, health economics, renal diseases, life style alterations, cardiovascular care by community level workers, compliance to therapy, patient education, risk reduction, stroke, medical waste management, physiotherapy, geriatric care, rheumatic heart disease, non cystic pulmonary fibrosis and Iron deficiency anaemia.

The course had 15 lectures in research methods, 10 sessions in statistics (theory and practical), 8 group discussions and 7 journal clubs.

An online learning management system SUMMIT was used during the course. SUMMIT served as a repository of all study materials including full-text articles, presentations, additional reading materials and administrative files. Faculty directed online assignments, group discussions and feedback systems were initiated to evaluate and guide candidates at different stages of the course.

Eight mentees presented their projects to the course participants and faculty during the last two days of the course.

At this course, the six trainees in the two-year program presented a progress update of their research projects.