Online Course on Medical Certification of Cause of Death (MCCD)

Jan 01,2019

Medical Certification of Cause of Death (MCCD) is an important source of cause-specific mortality data for a country. Apart from being a public health surveillance tool, a medical death certificate is also a legal document for the family of the deceased. Every medical practitioner is obligated to issue a ‘death certificate’ to the family of the deceased. Inaccurate entries in these death certificates can lead to incorrect mortality data collection, misdirected public health measures, legal hassles and impediments to further research.

This web-based course aims to strengthen the capacity of medical practitioners in ensuring adequate, appropriate and accurate medical certification of cause of death.

  • It can be taken up at one’s own free time and convenience. It provides an opportunity for all doctors who are otherwise busy practitioners and are unable to travel or obtain leave to attend CMEs (Continuing Medical Education)

  • The total duration of this course is 8 hours.  The course is now open. Anyone who starts the course on a given date must complete it within a period of one month

  • It is divided into 3 Modules with each module comprising of one to four Units

  • To obtain the Course Certificate, the participant has to complete all the modules and then take up the final assessment and obtain 60% marks within a month's time

Upon successful completion, all participants will be awarded 2 CME credit points as per Karnataka Medical Council guidelines.

Course Schedule:





Module 1: Certification of Cause of Death



Unit 1: Introduction to Cause of Death

60 min


Unit 2: Ascertaining the Cause of Death

120 min


Unit 3: Death Certificate – parts, types and filling up     

60 min


Unit 4: Errors in filling death certificates

60 min


Module 2: ICD Coding



Unit 1: Introduction to Clinical Coding

30 min


Unit 2: Assigning an ICD code

60 min


Unit 3: Filling ICD code on a death certificate

60 min


Module 3: Mortality statistics in India



Unit 1: Mortality statistics in India

30 min


Who Should Attend:
This online course is suitable for all allopathic doctors (of any specialty) and dentists currently registered with any medical/dental council in India and also for medical interns with a provisional medical council registration.

Organization and Delivery:
The course will be hosted and delivered online by St John’s Medical College and Research Institute. After successful registration, all participants will be provided with a 'username' and 'password'. The course can then be accessed any time from a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Registration is to be done online at the web-link given below. Payment for registration is accepted via credit card, debit card or net banking. It is to be paid along with the submission of the registration form and the medical council registration details directly on the website. Registration is now open.

For Registrations, please CLICK HERE

Workshop Fee:
Rs. 750/- 

For further enquiry and registration, contact

Course Director
Dr Prem K. Mony, MD
Professor & Head
Division of Epidemiology & Population Health
St. John’s Research Institute
Department of Community Medicine
St. John's Medical College

Course Coordinator
Dr Kavya. R, MPH
Assistant Professor
Division of Epidemiology & Population Health
St. John’s Research Institute