Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year
1 Prevalence survey of Plasmodium falciparum antimalarial drug resistance markers at sites in India Dr. Mary Dias 2018
2 Reagent Evaluation: Feasibility of Tuberculosis Diagnosis by Flow Cytometry Dr. Mary Dias 2018
3 Study of cross-neutralization of flavivirus by dengue antibodies Dr. Anita Shet 2017
4 Sequence and analysis of Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria Dr. Ragini Macaden; Dr. Sutton Granger, JCVI (J Craig Venter Institute) USA 2016
5 A multicentric observational study to examine the replicative fitness and pathologic properties of the emerging new viral strain of HIV-1 in India Dr. Anita Shet 2015
6 Influence of single versus multiple dengue serotype concurrent infections on clinical manifestations and the B-cell response Dr. Anita Shet 2015
7 Wellcome Trust DBT Infectious Disease Project (Wellcome DBT-ID project) Dr. Anita Shet 2014
8 DBT CoE HIV-TB Study Dr George D’Souza 2014
9 Comparative evaluation of true lab and quantitative culture for detection of klebsiella in Endo-tracheal samples from suspected ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) patients. Dr. John Kenneth 2013
10 Euro-prid India HUB. Dr. John Kenneth 2013
11 Validation of true lab molecular biology for diagnosis of hepatitis-B, salmonella and tuberculosis. Dr. John Kenneth 2013
12 Validation of true lab Micro Polymerase Chain Reaction for Diagnosis of tuberculosis and estimation of drug resistance. Dr John Kenneth 2013
13 Reametrix Dr. John Kenneth 2011
14 Cellestis Dr. John Kenneth 2011
15 Antibiotic Pollutants in waters and Resistance in rural India – Interventions to improve Antibiotic-resistance Management - (APRIAM) Dr. Ragini Macaden 2010
Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year