Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year
1 Demonstrating non-inferiority of a lower dose calcium supplementation during pregnancy for reducing preeclampsia and neonatal outcomes (Funded by: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) PI: Dr. Anura V Kurpad, Co-PI: Dr. Pratibha Dwarkanath 2018
2 Effect of early stunting on body cell mass and fat mass in term appropriate for gestational age (AGA) infants (Funded by: DBT) Dr. Rebecca Kuriyan Raj 2018
3 Maternal fuel supply and placental trafficking of amino acids : Epigenetic and metabolomics correlates (Funded by: DBT) Dr. Arpita Mukhopadyay 2018
4 Diet Associated metabolomics profiles of diabetic nephropathy in South Asian Indians (Funded by: DBT) Dr. Arpita Mukhopadyay 2018
5 Acceptability of a food product in children with Severe Acute Malnutrition (Funded by: KBITS, Government of Karnataka) Dr. Sumathi Swaminathan 2018
6 ManGo: Manchester Global Omics Initiative for Nutritional Health (Funded by: Medical Research Council, UK) PI: Dr. John McLaughlin, University of Manchester, UK, Co-I: Dr. Arpita Mukhopadhyay 2018
7 Estimating lysine metabolic availability of milk and vegetarian meal using indicator amino acid oxidation method in humans (Funded by: Intramural Funding) Dr. Rebecca Kuriyan Raj 2018
8 Role of miRNAs in fetal growth restriction associated dysregulation of human placental angiogenesis (Funded by: DST) Dr. Arpita Mukhopadyay, Prachi Kochhar 2018
9 Prevalence and predictors of vitamin B12 deficiency genetic associations for low vitamin B12 levels – multicenter a pan India study (Funded by: DBT) Dr. Anura V Kurpad 2017
10 Measuring the digestibility of snacks prepared from extruded chickpea and yellow pea (Funded by: Tata Trusts) Dr. Anura V Kurpad 2017
11 Mixed Longitudinal / Cross-Sectional Study of Body Composition of Infants from Birth to 6 Months from Bangalore, India (Funded by: A grant to the IAEA from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) Dr. Rebecca Kuriyan Raj 2017
12 Effect of dietary bioactive compounds on nocturnal fat oxidation among normal and overweight young adult males (Funded by: Intramural Funding) Dr. Rebecca Kuriyan Raj 2017
13 Integrated nutrition-agriculture strategies to inform public health (Funded by: Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance Margdarshi Fellowship) Dr. Anura V Kurpad 2016
14 Consortium on vulnerability of externalizing disorders and addictions(c-VEDA) (Funded by: ICMR) Dr. Rebecca Kuriyan Raj 2016
15 Scaling up the production and distribution of Double Fortified Salt in India: Evaluation of Impact (Funded by: IDRC) Dr. Anura V Kurpad, Dr. Sumathi Swaminathan 2015
Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year