Humanising Medicine Through Past and Present: A Series of Seminars for Medical Students and Faculty

Health Humanities
Project Lead
Dr. Kavery Nambisan
Source of Funding
University of Iowa, USA

Over the years, Medicine has become very technology and skills oriented and the graduating doctor has little in the way of inter-personal skills or in dealing with the human face of medicine. For many practitioners, the patient is his/her diagnosis and now as laboratory investigations become more widespread, his/her test result. Enlightening the medics on diverse subjects like the Arts, Literature, Music, Philosophy, History, etc. and helping them to improve their reading and writing skills will be one way of inculcating humane values and enhancing sensitivity, so much at risk in the commercial world of medicine today.

The project will engage speakers who will encourage the students to appreciate and to question matters outside the medical field, who will help them see the world from different viewpoints. The talks/discourses are not meant to be didactic or sermonising, and we hope, through various activities of the Humanities Department, to enrich the minds of budding doctors, so they may succeed in their professions without resorting to greed and commercialisation, with their eyes on the greater good. The students will be given roles as discussants, participants and organizers so that their role is reflective and engaged and not passive.