Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year
Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year
1 Development of a database on REDCAP for data collection/surveys for a ‘Multicentre Study on Breast milk intake amongst Infants using Stable Isotope Technique’ Dr. Tinku Thomas, Dr. Tony Raj 2015
2 Reducing AIDS stigma among healthcare professionals in South India (in medical students) Dr. Tony Raj, Dr. K Srinivasan, Dr. Maria Ekstrand 2015
3 Remote BioMonitoring (RBM) Project: Development of KMC sensor for position and temperature Dr. Prem K Mony 2015
4 Diagnosis of tuberculosis using host & bacterium biomarker signatures Dr. George D’Souza 2015
5 Laboratory based clinical validation of mDocTM wireless equipment in Healthy Indian Adults Dr. Tony Raj, Dr. Kedar Radhakrishna, Dr. Sejil 2014
6 Early detection of hypertension during pregnancy using increased frequency of blood pressure monitoring and information technology: A single group, prospective observational pilot study Dr. Abijeet Waghmare, Dr. Tony Raj 2014
7 Development of a text mining tool to mine biomedical text from discharge summaries Dr. Tony Raj, Dr. Sriram Sampath 2014
8 Continuing Professional Development needs of Nurses in Rural and Remote areas - Nurses Empowerment for Health Action (NEHA) Leah Macaden (University of Stirling, Scotland) and Maryann Washington 2014
9 Stigma Project - Perceptions of Medical and Nursing Students of the Stigma in TB and Diabetes Mellitus Manjulika Vaz 2013
10 Developing A Novel Low-Cost RFID System for Increasing Hand Hygiene Compliance among Healthcare Workers in an ICU: Methodology Dr. Tony Raj, Dr. Sriram Sampath, Dr. Kedar Radhakrishna 2013
11 ‘Skills and Drills’ Intervention to Improve Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care in select First Referral Units in Northern Karnataka Dr. Prem Mony 2013
12 Tobacco Control Preparedness among Health Professions Trainees in Bangalore Dr. Prem Mony 2013
13 NPH2 (podocin) and wt1 (Wilms' tumor gene1) mutations in indian children with sporadic idiopathic steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome Dr. Anil Vasudevan 2013
14 Proof of Concept of a Culturally Appropriate Iron Fortified Biscuit to Reduce Maternal and Perinatal Anemia Dr. Pratibha Dwarkanath 2013
15 Portal for medical algorithms Dr. Tony Raj 2012