Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year
Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year
31 Ferric Pyrophosphate Nanoparticles: Feasibility, Bioavailability & Toxicity Assessments Dr. Amit Kumar Mandal, Dr. Arun Shet, Dr. Anura V Kurpad 2012
32 Lipid profile in idiopathic nephrotic syndrome in children Dr. Kishore Phadke 2012
33 Determinant of anemia in children and women in rural Karnataka Dr. Arun Shet 2012
34 Are human gene variants in Vitamin A Metabolic Pathway associated with Newborn Kidney Size and Function Dr. Anil Vasudevan 2012
35 Use of accurate tracer based approaches to assess vitamin A pool size in children and pregnant women Dr. Anil Vasudevan 2012
36 ODYSSEY Outcome Trial - The study aims to evaluate the effect of PCSK9 antibody on cardiovascular outcomes after recent acute coronary syndrome Dr. Denis Xavier, Dr. Mangala Rao 2012
37 Effects of yoga practices on stress and cognitive functions in 7- to 9-year-old school going children Dr. K Srinivasan 2011
38 A pilot study for the Early Diagnosis & Prevention System (EDPS) Dr. Denis Xavier 2011
39 Clinical Documentation and Decision Support Dr. Tony Raj 2011
40 Multiple micronutrient fortified rice affects physical performance and plasma vitamin B-12 and homocysteine concentrations of Indian school children Dr. Anura V Kurpad 2011
41 Sulfur amino acid kinetics and methyl transfer kinetics related to vitamin B12 status in Indian pregnancy Dr. Anura V Kurpad 2011
42 Efficacy of Multi-Micronutrient Fortified Drink in Reducing the Prevalence of Iron Deficiency, Iron Deficiency Anemia and Improve Micronutrient Status Among Iron Deficient School Children In South India Dr. Anura V Kurpad 2011
43 Podocin mutations in Indian children with primary idiopathic steroid resistant syndrome Dr. Anil Vasudevan 2011
44 To identify polymorphisms in the coding or regulatory sequences of Retinol metabolism genes associated with low newborn all-trans retinoic acid level and/or subtle renal hypoplasia Dr. Kishore Phadke, Dr. Anil Vasudevan 2011
45 Effects of maternal iodine supplementation in an area of mild iodine deficiency on infant cognitive development and auditory threshold Dr. K Srinivasan 2011