Mental Health and Neurosciences

Research Line


The main focus of research is on studying maternal and child factors linked to early child development.
The second stance of research focus is on understanding psychosocial and biological factors linked to depression and suicidal behaviour.
Research also looks at proteomics profiling of glutathionylated proteins in multiple sclerosis.

Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year
1 Consortium on vulnerability of externalizing disorders and addictions(c-VEDA) Dr. Rebecca Kurian Raj 2016
2 Improving mental health through integration with primary care in rural Karnataka, India Dr. Prem K Mony 2014
3 Identification, characterization and quantification of glutathionylated proteins in cerebrospinal fluid using mass spectrometric based proteomics in patients with multiple sclerosis Dr. Amit Kumar Mandal 2012
4 Effectiveness of Integrated Treatment of Alcohol Use and Intimate Partner Violence in men with problem drinking in south India Dr. K Srinivasan 2011
5 Effects of yoga practices on stress and cognitive functions in 7- to 9-year-old school going children Dr. K Srinivasan 2011
6 Effects of maternal iodine supplementation in an area of mild iodine deficiency on infant cognitive development and auditory threshold Dr. K Srinivasan 2011
7 Mass spectrometry based plasma proteomics in patients with attempted suicide Dr. K Srinivasan, Dr. Amit Kumar Mandal 2010
8 To determine the chronic effects of 450 mg of Brahmi extract on cognitive performance and anxiety in healthy adult human Indian volunteers Dr. K Srinivasan 2010
9 Mass spectrometry based plasma proteomics in patients with attempted suicide (In collaboration with Dr. K Srinivasan) Dr. Amit Kumar Mandal 2010
10 Empowering daughters-in-law & mothers-in-law to mitigate gender based violence and promote women’s health in India Dr. K Srinivasan, Dr. Suneeta Krishnan 2010
11 A longitudinal study of progression of developmental milestones in 2-year-old children till 5 years of age from Bangalore, India Dr. K Srinivasan 2009
Sl No. Title Authors Journal Name Publication Year
1 Integrated Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Reduces Intimate Partner Violence Among Alcohol Dependent Men, and Improves Mental Health Outcomes in their Spouses: A Clinic Based Randomized Controlled Trial from South India Satyanarayana VA, Nattala P, Selvam S, Pradeep J, Hebbani S, Hegde S, Srinivasan K J Subst Abuse Treat 2016
2 Assessment of Self-Reported Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties Among Pre-University College Students in Bangalore, India Bhola P, Sathyanarayanan V, Rekha DP, Daniel S, Thomas T Indian J Community Med 2016
3 “I take up more responsibilities for my family's wellbeing” − A qualitative approach to the cultural aspects of resilience seen among young adults in Bengaluru, India Hebbani S, Srinivasan K Asian J Psychiatr 2016
4 Standardization of Tests of Attention and Inhibition Thomas S, Rao SL, Devi BI Indian J Psychol Med 2016
5 Linear Growth and Fat and Lean Tissue Gain during Childhood: Associations with Cardiometabolic and Cognitive Outcomes in Adolescent Indian Children Krishnaveni GV, Veena SR, Srinivasan K, Osmond C, Fall CH PLoS One 2015
6 Maternal prenatal psychological distress and temperament in 1-4 month old infants - A study in a non-western population Bhat A, Chowdayya R, Selvam S Khan A, Kolts R, Srinivasan K Infant Behavior & Development 2015
7 The effects of regular consumption of a multiple micronutrient fortified milk beverage on the micronutrient status of school children and on their mental and physical performance Kuriyan R, Thankachan P, Selvam S, Pauline M, Srinivasan K, Kamath-Jha S, Vinoy S, Misra S, Finnegan Y, Kurpad AV Clin Nutr 2015
8 Two sides of a coin: Perpetrators and survivors perspectives on the triad of alcohol, intimate partner violence and mental health in South India Satyanarayana VA, Hebbani S, Hegde S, Krishnan S, Srinivasan K Asian J Psychiatr 2015
9 Enhanced care by community health workers in improving treatment adherence to antidepressant medication in rural women with major depression Pradeep J, Isaacs A, Shanbag D, Selvan S, Srinivasan K The Indian Journal of Medical Research 2014
10 Self-reported suicidality and its predictors among adolescents from a pre-university college in Bangalore, India Bhola P, Rekha DP, Sathyanarayanan V, Daniel S, Thomas T Asian J Psychiatr 2014
11 Ethical challenges and dilemmas for medical health professionals doing psychiatric research Vaz M, Srinivasan K The Indian Journal of Medical Research 2014
12 Catch-up growth does not associate with cognitive development in Indian school-age children Sokolovic N, Selvam S, Srinivasan K, Thankachan P, Kurpad AV, Thomas T European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2014
13 Relationship between adiposity and cognitive performance in 9-10-year-old children in South India Veena SR, Hegde BG, Ramachandraiah S, Krishnaveni GV, Fall CH, Srinivasan K Archives of Disease in Childhood 2014
14 Maternal depression and foetal responses to novel stimuli: insights from a socio-economically disadvantaged Indian cohort Fernandes M, Stein A, Srinivasan K, Menezes G, Renton M, Zani J, Ramchandani PG Jounral of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease 2014
15 Brahmi for the better? New findings challenging cognition and anti-anxiety effects of Brahmi (Bacopa monniera) in healthy adults Sathyanarayanan V, Thomas T, Einöther SJ, Dobriyal R, Joshi MK, Krishnamachari S Psychopharmacology 2013