St. John's Research Institute

St. John’s Research Institute (SJRI) is an integral part of the St. John’s Academy of Health Sciences that is administered by the Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI) and was conceptualized in the year 1998 and moved into the present facility in the year 2004. The Academy has a broad, holistic vision and an approach to health problems of the country. Since its inception, the Academy has been involved in training of health professionals and service delivery through the St. John’s Medical College and Hospital, which is today ranked among the premier medical institutions in the country. The SJRI was set up with a commitment to pursue excellence in research and to build capacities in health-related research.



COVID-19 spread across India : a video illustration

Jul 02 - Jul 02, 2022


India COVID-19 Tracker

May 21,2021


St. John’s develops new test to measure Vit B12 absorption

Mar 02,2021

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Online course on Randomized Controlled Trials

Sep 13 - Jul 17, 2021

e-Learning Course on Medical Certification of Cause of Death

Aug 01 - Aug 31, 2021

Online Course on Grant Management for Health and Social Science Researchers

Jul 01 - Jul 31, 2021

Online Course on Research Ethics Committee (REC)

Jun 01,2021

3rd Annual Research Day - 2021

Apr 08 - Apr 09, 2021

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