Clinical Trial Coordinator – BIRAC CTN Project

Job Details

Post: Clinical Trial Coordinator

Qualification: BSc in Life Sciences

No. of Vacancies: One

Languages: English, Kannada and Tamil

Location: Bangalore

Experience: 1 year experience in data entry in hospital is preferred

Application Due Date: 12th November, 2020

Salary: Rs. 21,000/- pm (consolidated)

Brief Description about the Project:
>  A multi-institutional cohort to establish a GCP compliant Clinical Trial Network CTN for faster, cost effective hospital-based trials in Rheumatology.

>  The CTN proposes to engage a mix of public and private institutes, urban and rural institutes, institutes already running several clinical trials CTRI 2 and those that are new to the clinical trial arena; this will help homogenize capabilities and increase capacity quickly.

>  Standardization of all clinical trial processes and internal quality assurance will help maintain internal validity

Core Responsibilities:
>  Follow good clinical practice guidelines and maintain strict confidentiality
>  Experience in handling sample inventory log
>  Record keeping, data entry and channelizing the study followup as per the study protocol
>  Co-ordinating with other centres
>  Day-to-day reporting to Dr. Chanakya K and HOD        

Key Skills:
>  Basic computer knowledge
>  Co-ordinating with other centres to prepare SOPs
>  Patient data entry

Specific Activities:
>  At Hospital OPD - data collection & entry, record maintaining and follow up

To Apply: E-mail cover letter, CV and the names & contact details of referees to and cc to

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