Technician – DBT Cardinnate Study

Job Details

Post : Technician

Qualification : 2 Year Diploma in Technician/B.Sc MLT

No. of Vacancy : One

Language : English, Kannada,

Location : Bangalore, Karnataka

Application due date : 22nd February, 2022

Salary : Rs. 18,000/-pm

Brief Description about the Project:

We are investigating why outcome of COVID-19 illness amongst individuals of South Asian heritage residing in India is better than those living in the United Kingdom. This study intends to address this scientifically by targeting the core biological mechanisms of COVID-19 illness in the immune and cardiovascular systems. This will enhance the understanding of key biological mechanisms that are in the causal pathway to outcome, in a population with high prevalence of comorbidities (especially diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease). Severe COVID-19 is associated with profound systemic immune dysregulation and, beyond respiratory abnormalities, major haemodynamic and thrombotic complications. Evidence suggest that innate immune mechanisms, specifically variation in the regulation of the type 1 interferon (IFN) response and the subsequent dysregulation of cellular innate and adaptive immunity, may be very important determining factors in COVID-19 pathogenesis. These mechanisms are good candidates for underlying increased mortality risk in UK SAs and set a platform for understanding why the situation is different in India. To address this question, we will build on strong existing relationships between King’s Health Partners (KHP) UK and St John’s Research Institute (SJRI) in Bangalore, and the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) Delhi. Through this partnership, we will elucidate the inter-relationship among innate immune mechanisms, pre-existing CVD/diabetes and environment (India vs UK). Differences in innate immunity, which provides a first line of defence to infection, are captured by the term “trained immunity”, reflecting its conditioning in part via IFN, by exposure to endemic environmental pathogens, diet, and inflammatory conditions including CVD/diabetes. Hence, evident differences in these factors for SAs in India versus the UK may profoundly affect the speed and strength of first-phase immune responses to SARS-CoV2. Moreover, CVD/diabetes increase susceptibility to endothelial/platelet/complement activation, thrombosis and cardiac damage, contributing to COVID19-associated mortality. Data on the cross-talk between innate trained immunity and pre-existing CVD will develop an interface that is largely unexplored in COVID-19 research and is likely to have importance far beyond COVID-19.

Core Responsibilities:

Two Technicians (clinical/field) will be in-charge of sample collection along with the study nurse, tracking and follow up of recruited participants at the hospital sites like OPD, wards, ICU, ITU and through home visits, if required.

Specific Activities

  • Collection blood and sputum samples
  • Assist nurses and counsellor in enrollment, data collection
  • Labelling of samples
  • Preprocessing of clinical samples & Transport
  • Serum separation & Aliquoating
  • Collection of basic data – vitals anthropometry oximetry

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