Research Associate III/ Project Scientist I - DBT INDIGO

Job Details

Post                                    : Research Associate-III/Project Scientist I

Qualification                    :  PhD with minimum 3 years postdoctoral experience in Immunology with first author publications in the field of infection and immunity                                                

No. of Vacancy                :  One

Experience                        : -Minimum Experience: PhD with minimum 3 years postdoctoral Experience in Immunology with first author publications in the field  of infection and immunity                                       

Maximum Experience:  PhD with 5 years postdoctoral experience in Immunology with several first author publications in the field of Infection and immunity

Language                         : English, Kannada

Location                           : Bangalore, Karnataka

Application due date      : 10th April, 2021

Salary                               : Rs. 54000+24% HRA as per original DBT Sanction order

Brief Description about the Project:

                  Despite the availability of flu vaccines for decades, influenza is still an important disease in both developing and developed countries with 500,000 casualties annually and many more people affected. From a global health perspective, the lack of effectivity, availability, affordability and accessibility of flu vaccines significantly limits our ability to respond to the seasonal flu every year and in the event of a pandemic. Currently, a low vaccine effectivity of 40% implies that 60% of vaccinated people are not sufficiently protected, with low confidence further contributing to limited uptake/immunization. In this project, public and private R&D organizations in India, EU and US collaborate on the development of two novel influenza vaccine concepts that meet the requirements of global vaccination, aiming to achieve <10>

The first approach combines a low dose of a commercial, inactivated, seasonal flu vaccine with a novel, potent adjuvant, and will deliver proof-of-concept in Phase I and IIa trials within 5 years. The second approach builds on three innovations: 1) a novel recombinant HA with increased immunogenicity, 2) a potent

adjuvant, and 3) an easy, needle-free delivery by intradermal patches. Contra-productive parts of HA will be removed to increase the immunogenicity of neutralizing epitopes. The adjuvant further stimulates protective immunity and immunological memory. The use of intradermal patches opens possibilities for self-administration, which will improve vaccine uptake in developing as well as developed countries. With proven nonclinical immunogenicity and safety, we will embark on clinical development of this concept after completion of the project. These plans differ in complexity and timelines but are realistic with chances to deliver next-generation flu vaccines for the globe.

Core Responsibilities:

  • To conduct primary research as per the INDIGO award, including research towards stated goals and exploratory research within the confines of the INDIGO award in consultation with Dr. Vyakarnam and the overall PI of the EU-DBT award:  Dr. G Kang CMC Vellore
  • To manage junior staff appointed to the project in conjunction with Dr. Vyakarnam
  • To undertake key scientific administrative duties in placing ordering and maintaining an overview of expenditure
  • To communicate work plan and data in weekly scientific laboratory meetings
  • To undertake scholarly research activities such as scientific literature analysis to keep abreast of the current field and to effectively communicate academic thinking

Specific Activities

  • To plan, set up and execute immune assays with support staff in conjunction with discussions with Dr. Vyakarnam
  • To train support staff in immune assays
  • To undertake forward thinking research plans through literature analysis and to set up immune assays to test fresh hypothesis.
  • To place orders for consumables and maintain records of finance expenditure
  • To effectively communicate with staff members of the wider department at SJRI and provide an oversight of the overall science of the INDIGO group

Key Skills:

The ability to set up and data interpret in the context of the field of research (infection and immunity: human immunology) a number of immune assays, including: advanced multiparameter flow cytometry; immune transcriptome analysis; immune subset purification and analysis; extensive experience in immune cell culture and stimulation; evidence of an in-depth understanding of T cell immunity to infection including knowledge of T cell subset function; cell sorting and capture for transcriptome analysis; qPCR and ability to set up cell migration and immune co-culture assays.

  • Ability to work independently on a focussed programme of work and be collegiate within a wider team of immunologists. 
  • Evidence of demonstrable scientific leadership skills with first author publications in field of research with impact and keenness to progress towards an independent researcher status. 
  • Ability to communicate and interpret scientific literature and primary data using a variety of appropriate software
  • Evidence of having undertaken scientific administrative duties including ordering consumables, awareness of financial records and supervising junior staff


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