Workshop on Longitudinal Data Analysis for Clinical Trials and Observational Studies

Sep 25 - Sep 26, 2023

About the course:

This two-day workshop is designed to train participants to apply of commonly used techniques for analyzing longitudinal data, where measurements are made on individuals over time.  The course emphasizes techniques for handling longitudinal data from Observational Cohort studies and randomized control trial with a pre-post design.

The workshop will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Longitudinal study design, data structure and data representation
  • Linear and logistic mixed models
  • Analysis of panel and cohort studies
  • Analysis of randomized control trial
  • Generalized Estimating Equation

The workshop will incorporate a combination of theory session and practical exercises using an open-source software Jamovi to illustrate concepts.

Who should Attend?

The course is designed for clinical researchers, public health researchers, data analysts, and statisticians who need to analyze longitudinal data.


Jamovi is a free and open-source statistical software that simplifies the analysis process with its menu-driven options and R syntax. It can be used for all standard and complex statistical analyses. (

Resource person:

Experienced faculties from the Department of Biostatistics at SJMC will be conducting the workshop, bringing their extensive expertise in the statistical analysis of longitudinal data.

Course Fee:


(4000/-  (Course fee)+  720 (18% GST))



Ms Shameem

+91 9538147676


Paid accommodations can be arranged within the campus upon request. The tariffs for the accommodations are as follows:

  • Sigle Non-Ac room Rs:840/-
  • Two sharing Non-AC room Rs:1,120/- per room
  • Single AC room Rs:1068/-
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