Symposium on Basic Concepts of Pharmacoeconomics & Health Economics: Their Application in Health Care Research

Oct 25,2013

A note from Chairperson-

Dear delegates,

As a part of Golden Jubilee celebrations of our institute, we are happy to invite you to a one day Symposium on-“Basic concepts of pharmacoeconomics & health economics : Their application in health care research”.

The symposium is for faculty, post graduates - medical, allied health sciences, PhD students, pharmacologists, pharmacists, health care professionals as well as administrators from both hospital & pharmaceutical industry.

Since there is a need to identify innovative methods that aim to decrease health care costs & optimize resource allocation, we are confident that topics for Symposium will be of importance for every individual involved in health care.

The sessions for symposium are planned to impart basic understanding of the fundamental aspects of monetary evaluation of the resources & techniques used in health care & industry research. In addition, application of these concepts in current context in various health care programs will be covered through interactive discussions.
We anticipate that this Symposium will be a common platform for academia & industry to discuss the basic concepts & principles of economics with appropriate examples for optimal utility of tools in health care management.

We look forward to your active participation !

Dr. Mrs. Chanda Kulkarni. MD; PhD; FSASMS;
Cert. Clin. Epilepsy
ORGANISED BY: Division of Clinical Pharmacology, in collaboration with  Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics  St. John’s Medical College & St. John’s Research Institute.


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