4th One week course on Randomized Controlled Trials 2024

Oct 21 - Oct 25, 2024

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The Division of Clinical Research and Training, St. John’s Medical College & Research Institute, has been conducting various training programs in Health Research Methods for physicians and researchers from various backgrounds. We started with a NIH grant in 2009 for 5 years, and continued thereafter.

In the last 15 years, we have conducted around 34 different courses and trained over 2,258 health professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, ethics committee members, industry professionals, post graduate students, study coordinators, regulatory officials and health policy makers from India and abroad from 11 countries (United Kingdom, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Australia, Canada, Bangladesh, Tanzania, South Africa, Ethiopia, Cameroon and Nepal).

In this advanced course on RCT (Randomized Controlled Trials), there are 23 interactive lectures, 4 journal clubs on different RCT designs, 4 Zen protocol sessions and 4 project presentations. All participant presentations are made in small groups with feedback from peers and faculty.


RCT Designs & Analysis

  • RCT key concepts
  • Cluster RCT
  • Factorial trials
  • Non-inferiority trials
  • Adaptive trials
  • Expertise based trials
  • Stepped wedge trials
  • Implementation trials
  • Community based trials
  • Real world and Pragmatic trials



  • Drugs/ devices/ surgical
  • Complex Behavioural


  • Sample size for different RCT designs 
  • Parametric & Non-parametric tests
  • Mixed linear models 
  • Survival analysis 




  • Randomization
  • Blinding
  • Allocation concealment
  • Investigational Product Management

Operations and Regulatory:

  • Regulatory Issues
  • Documentation/ manuals
  • Data management
  • Adjudication
  • Budgets
  • Insurance/Compensation 

The course is on-campus and some international faculty will take their sessions online.

The course book with relevant course details and important scientific papers will be given to the registered participants.

Participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Travel bursaries and Scholarships are available for select candidates and subject to eligibility and availability of funds.

CME credits are awarded to the eligible candidates.

Concession Criteria: 25% discount in the registration fees:

  1. For students/ trainees, candidates from our network institutions
  2. For 3 or more candidates from the same institution

To avail the discount, a letter from the Department / Institutional Head should be sent by email to rct_training@sjri.res.in & addressed to:

Dr Denis Xavier MD, MSc.(Clin. Epi.),
Professor & Head, Dept of Pharmacology,
Head, Division of Clinical Research and Training,
St. John's Medical College & Research Institute,

The registration fees can be sent as:

  1. Demand Draft or
  2. NEFT

The payment details will be shared with participants via email once they fill the form and are eligible for the course.