Apr 22 - Apr 23, 2024


Explore the transformative power of JAMOVI for health data analysis. This hands-on workshop covers fundamental data analysis concepts of statistics. Participants will gain practical skills to analyze and interpret health data from Public health and clinical research.


The workshop will cover;

Introduction to JAMOVI: Understanding the interface and basic functionalities.

Data Management: Importing, cleaning, and organizing health data for analysis.

Descriptive Statistics: Summarizing and visualizing health data distributions

Inferential Statistics: Conducting hypothesis tests and interpreting results.

Simple Linear Regression Modeling: Exploring association and making predictions in health data.

Practical Applications: Hands-on exercises and case studies in health data analysis

Best Practices: Tips and strategies for effective data analysis and interpretation


Who should attend?

The course is designed for clinical researchers, Public health researchers, data analysts, and statisticians who need to analyze health data.



JAMOVI is a simple, easy to use, free and open-source statistical software with menu-driven options and R syntax. It can be used for all simple and complex statistical analyses. (


Resource Person

Faculties from the Department of Biostatistics at SJMC will conduct the workshop based on their experience and expertise in the statistical analysis of Health data.


Course Fee


(3000/- (Course fee)+  540 (18% GST))

Fee Includes Two Days Lunch, Snacks and Materials



Paid accommodations can be arranged within the campus upon request. The tariffs for the accommodations are as follows:


Sigle Non-Ac room Rs:840/-

Two sharing Non-AC room Rs:1,120/- per room

Single AC room Rs:1068/-

Two sharing AC room Rs:2240/- per room


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