Online Workshop in Qualitative Health Research

Nov 08 - Nov 10, 2021

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Health and Humanities Division of SJRI has been committed to novel ways of understanding the human condition and conducting health research with health care providers, patients, and communities. One such approach is the use of Qualitative Research Methods.

Based on our body of work and experience with qualitative research, the objectives of the introductory course are:

    To illustrate the need and place for qualitative methods in health research
    To develop some of the tools and techniques of data collection  
    The try out methods of qualitative data analysis and its reporting in a publication

Who is the Introductory Workshop aimed at?

It is primarily planned for medical/allied health sciences/ social science students, PhD scholars, and others interested in introducing qualitative methods into their research.

Duration and methods

The workshop will be for 3 half days and will be a mix of lectures and practical sessions. It will be completely online using the Microsoft TEAMS platform

Pre and post session reading material, practical exercises and interactive sessions addressing student difficulties will be central to the format of the course.

Organisation and Delivery

The workshop is organized and delivered by the Division of Health and Humanities, St John’s Research Institute.

Seats filled. Registration closed.

Cost - Rs. 2360 (inclusive of GST) for outsiders; Rs 1560 for Faculty within St John’s and Rs 1160 for students within St John’s. A certificate of participation will be given on completion of all three days.

Certificate will be awarded on the successful completion of the three days.
Details are in the attached brochure.

Do register if it interests you. Do spread the word to those who may benefit from this.