Biomarker signatures for diagnosis for tuberculosis


TB remains a major public health problem both in terms of diagnosis and treatment.  Classical methods for diagnosis like culture isolation and sputum smear have inherent limitations of low sensitivity and high turnaround time. Infectious samples, difficulties of collection in children/elderly, and extrapulmonary TB add to the problem. Hence, innovative, rapid and accurate, technology-driven diagnostic solutions are necessary for diagnosis from samples that are easily available. Detection of biomarkers in biological fluids like blood and urine offer one such possibility.

This study is based on detection of two such biomarkers one of them being a mycobacterial product and other a product of host response in blood and urine samples of TB patients. These biomarkers have shown potential diagnostic utility in preclinical mouse infection models  These are also shown to decline significantly following treatment with  B drugs; hence, may also enable monitoring response to treatment in TB patients.

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