Host biomarkers of clinical relevance in tuberculosis : review of gene and protein expression studies.

Authors : John SH, Kenneth J, Gandhe AS

Publication Year : 2012

Abstract :

CONTEXT: Identification of clinically relevant biomarkers is required for better diagnosis, prevention and treatment of tuberculosis.
OBJECTIVE: In this review, potential host biomarkers in blood or blood cells in tuberculosis were identified by a systematic approach.
METHODS: A total of 55 articles were selected from PubMed and Google Scholar that analyzed gene and or protein expression in humans in active and or latent TB. Articles were scored according to certain criteria and categorized as strong or weak studies. Biomarkers reported by more than one article or by a single strong article were identified as potential biomarkers.
RESULTS: Six most promising markers (IP-10, IL-6, IL-10, IL-4, FOXP3 and IL-12) were identified based on their presence in both mycobacterial antigen-stimulated and -unstimulated samples.
CONCLUSIONS: With this review we hope to provide a reliable guideline for biomarker studies in tuberculosis.