Medical Informatics is an interdisciplinary field which integrates medical knowledge with the science of information technology to enhance quality of care, improve patient outcomes, medical education and health systems research.

The Division of Medical informatics (DMI) at St. John’s Research Institute initially began as Health Informatics Group under St. John’s Medical College in 2000.  It has then evolved into Division of Medical Informatics after integration with St. John’s Research Institute in 2004. The Division consists of highly motivated professionals spanning the healthcare, managerial and technical domains.  The Division’s vision is to create a Centre for Excellence in Medical Informatics, to drive healthcare innovations using healthcare IT and to improve healthcare outcomes with meaningful use of data.

The Division’s mission is to:
Design, collect and meaningfully utilize data to improve patient outcomes
Innovate and provide solutions in the area of digital Health and Health Education
Be the leaders in clinical decision support
Improve patient and care-provider satisfaction  with the use of IT systems
Facilitate information sharing and collaboration
Improve population health through health information dissemination

 The focus areas of the Division include:
Health literacy
Clinical Decision Support Systems
Natural Language processing and Artificial Intelligence
Healthcare Analytics
Point-of-care Diagnostics
Medical Gaming
mHealth and Healthcare Apps
Internet of Things in Healthcare

The Division aspires to be the change agent that drives the future of technology and innovation in healthcare and biomedical research. Our focus areas are motivated by the need for developing sustainable healthcare IT tools which are culturally acceptable and will benefit the low socio-economic society. The division is also committed to improve medical education with the use of innovative technologies to reach out to the student community. Being an academic entity, DMI also nurtures motivated individuals for taking up careers in medical informatics.