Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year
1 Evaluating role of circulating DNA as biomarkers of tumor progression and response to therapy in neo-adjuvant setting of breast cancer Dr. Rakesh S Ramesh; Co-PI-Dr. Madhumathy Nair 2020-2022
2 Breast Cancer in Pre-menopausal women- Evaluation of the role of steroid hormones in resistance to therapy Dr Jyothi S Prabhu 2019-2024
3 Evaluating the role of miR-18a regulating metastatic progression of Breast Cancer Dr Madhumathy G Nair 2019-2022
4 To investigate the role of miR-18a in regulating metastatic progression of breast cancer Dr. Madhumathy G Nair 2019
5 Circulating microRNA a novel prognostic and diagnostic biomarker of pre diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and its complications among Indians Dr Jyothi S Prabhu 2018-2020
6 Evaluation of expression of chosen set of markers by immuno histochemistry on the tissue micro array (TMA) blocks of colorectal cancer (CRC) Dr. Jyothi S Prabhu 2018
7 Expression of Human Epidermal Growth factors (HER) family of proteins in Ovarian Carcinomas and their relation to clinic pathological factors Dr. Jyothi S Prabhu 2016
8 Investigating the role of BLM helicase as a global tumor suppressor: Clinical Applications Dr. Jyothi S Prabhu 2015
9 Denmark India in vivo screen for Cancer Biomarkers Dr. TS Sridhar 2014
10 Examination of mechanobiology of ER negative breast cancer tumors in Indian women Dr. TS Sridhar 2012
11 Breast Cancer Patient Support Group Activities Dr. TS Sridhar 2009
12 Prospective longitudinal study of breast cancer Dr. TS Sridhar 2008

Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year
1 Shh signaling in cancer progression and drug-resistance Dr. Sitalakshmi Subramanian and Dr. Neha Vyas 2017
2 Exovesicular release of Hedgehog and miRNA packaging Dr. Neha Vyas 2016

Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year