Identification of a Rare Hemoglobin Variant HbJ-Rajappen [alpha90 (FG2) Lys ? Thr] Using Mass Spectrometry

Authors : Bhat VS, Mandal AK, Mathew B

Publication Year : 2012

Abstract :

Hemoglobin J-Rajappen (alpha)90 Lys ? Thr is an alpha chain variant found in heterozygous state and presents normal hematological blood picture. Due to the ambiguity in results obtained while analyzing by HPLC and alkaline gel electrophoresis, we report this rare case of HbJ-Rajappen using non denaturing gel electrophoresis and matrix assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry. Though HbJ-Rajappen has earlier been reported using different techniques, this is the first report being validated using mass spectrometry technique.