Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year
1 De novo lipogenesis in adiposity and glycaemic control: Epigenetic mechanisms and associated metabolite profiles (Funded by: DBT / Wellcome Trust India Alliance) Dr. Arpita Mukhopadhyay, DBT / Wellcome Trust India Alliance Clinical and Public Health Intermediate 2020
2 Accurate estimation of changes in body composition, energy balance and nutritional status of Indian children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) during cancer treatment (Funded by: International Atomic Energy Agency) Dr. Rebecca Raj 2019
3 Long Term (2 years) efficacy of indigenously developed micronutrient fortified rice (fortified with iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid) in improving iron stores in school children and their mothers; process standardization to match the physical characteristics of fortified rice kernels (FRK) with commercial rice varieties and storage stability (Funded by: Dept. of Biotechnology) Dr. Anura V Kurpad, Dr. Prashanth Thankachan 2019
4 Human placental epigenetic regulation of fatty acids versus glucose transport: Role in fetal growth restriction (Funded by: Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India) Dr. Arpita Mukhopadhyay 2019
5 Role of miRNAs in fetal growth restriction associated dysregulation of human placental angiogenesis (Funded by: DST) Prachi Kochhar, Guide: Dr. Arpita Mukhopadyay 2019
6 Diet Associated metabolomics profiles of diabetic nephropathy in South Asian Indians (Funded by: DBT) Dr. Arpita Mukhopadyay 2018
7 Biomarkers of iron status in women of reproductive age for prevention of anemia and birth defects in India (Funded by: Cornell University) Dr. Anura V Kurpad 2018
8 Acceptability of a food product in children with Severe Acute Malnutrition (Funded by: KBITS, Government of Karnataka) Dr. Sumathi Swaminathan 2018
9 Effect of early stunting on body cell mass and fat mass in term appropriate for gestational age (AGA) infants (Funded by: DBT) Dr. Rebecca Kuriyan Raj 2018
10 Demonstrating non-inferiority of a lower dose calcium supplementation during pregnancy for reducing preeclampsia and neonatal outcomes (Funded by: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) PI: Dr. Anura V Kurpad, Co-PI: Dr. Pratibha Dwarkanath 2018
11 Effect of dietary bioactive compounds on nocturnal fat oxidation among normal and overweight young adult males (Funded by: Intramural Funding) Dr. Rebecca Kuriyan Raj 2017
12 13C Sucrose breath test as a biomarker of environmental enteric dysfunction in infants – A cross sectional study (Funded by: International Atomic Energy Agency) Dr. Nirupama S, Dr. Anura V Kurpad, Dr. Sarita D 2017
13 Scaling up the production and distribution of Double Fortified Salt in India: Evaluation of Impact (Funded by: IDRC) Dr. Anura V Kurpad, Dr. Sumathi Swaminathan 2015
14 Harvard India Nutrition Initiative (Funded by: USIEF) Dr. Rebecca Kuriyan Raj, Dr. Anura V Kurpad 2013
15 International Study of Childhood Obesity, Lifestyle and the Environment (ISCOLE) (Funded by: Pennington Biomedical Research Center) Dr. Anura V Kurpad 2012
Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year