Mixed Longitudinal / Cross-Sectional Study of Body Composition of Infants from Birth to 6 Months from Bangalore, India (Funded by: A grant to the IAEA from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

Assessment of children's growth and development relies primarily on periodic measurement of anthropometric indicators of body mass (i.e., body weight) and size (i.e., height and specific body circumferences).  However, anthropometric assessment does not provide information on the composition of body tissues, such as fat mass (FM) and fat-free mass (FFM), which are important to assess healthy growth and risk of particular diseases.  This research study will collect reference data on body composition assessed by Air Displacement Plethysmography (ADP) and Total Body Potassium (TBK) of infants between birth and 6 months of age.  This project, which is a part of a large multi-centric study, will provide high quality data on healthy growth and body composition in infants from birth to two years.  These data can be used as reference data for interventions aimed at prevention of malnutrition, and optimizing growth and body composition, and to better understand the effects of low birth weight, wasting, and stunting.

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