Expression of Human Epidermal Growth factors (HER) family of proteins in Ovarian Carcinomas and their relation to clinic pathological factors

Ovarian cancer has poor prognosis and dismal survival rate mainly due to their clinical presentation as advanced disease as some of these tumors are known to develop chemoresistance on recurrence and during treatment.

HER2 family of receptors is important in cell survival and proliferation. Dysregulation of these genes have been implicated in ovarian cancers and have been associated with poor outcome. Hence, by utilizing patient tumor specimens we intend to study the role of HER family of proteins in carcinogenesis to prognosticate as well identify targets against which monoclonal antibodies can be raised for therapeutic benefits. We plan to study HER2, HER3 and its partners using immunohistochemisty, FISH and gene expression in Ovarian cancer specimens collected at St. John's Medical Hospital, Bangalore.

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