a) Background

The PANACEA HF research project comprises of 3 phases

Phase I- Qualitative study phase (Study period-1 year)
> To assess the barriers and facilitators to optimal care among patients with a diagnosis of heart failure, their caregivers and care providers.

Phase II- Piloting the mobile health application (Study period- 1 month)
> To undertake a pilot usability and feasibility testing of an Android based mobile health application that facilitates remote monitoring on a sample of heart failure patients (involving their caregivers) and nurses.

Phase III- Main trial (RCT)

> A multicentre, randomized controlled trial evaluating a theory driven, behaviour change intervention centered on mobile health and task sharing to improve self-care and outcomes in patients with chronic heart failure. PANACEA-HF trial [Part of the PANACEA-HF research project].

b) Objective: To optimize guideline based treatments and improve self-care among ambulatory chronic heart failure patients to reduce the risk of mortality and re-hospitalizations.

c) Methods: Sequential mixed-methods study design – Qualitative study followed by a 2 arm, parallel group, open-label randomized controlled trial.

d) Sample size:

Phase I: Indian - 20 patients and their caregivers
> Phase II: Indian - 5 patients
> Phase III: Indian - 300 patients (100 patients each/sites) St. John’s Hospital, Bangalore, Nanjappa Life Care, Shivmogga & Lisie Hospital, Ernakulam.

e) Study update: Phase I & II completed; Phase III on-going and expected to be completed by January 2023.

Updated as on: 27 Apr 2022

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