ICMR along with 20 other institutions is developing modules for rational use of medications. As a part of this activity, audits of prescriptions need to be conducted per year from each institution. This will help us in identifying the gaps in prescription practices and address them in our training modules. The purpose of the whole program is to improve prescription practices, training of students, interns and finally improve patient outcomes.

In addition, a cohort study on COVID  has been undertaken since May 2020 and is ongoing. The Cohort study is titled, 'ICMR – RUMC COVID 19 Study for the Assessment of Prophylaxis For Health Care Workers.'

Sample Size (planned): 
Prescription Research aims at including 600 prescriptions in a year.
Three training modules have been developed.
Cohort Study has included about 12,500 participants 

Study Update:
The Training modules have been developed. The prescription research will be shortly started. In the Cohort study, follow-up data collection has been started post 4-6 weeks of baseline data collection

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Updated as of 15th Sep, 2020

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