Accurate estimation of changes in body composition, energy balance and nutritional status of Indian children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) during cancer treatment (Funded by: International Atomic Energy Agency)

The findings of the proposed study will provide novel baseline information on the body composition in Indian children with ALL, along with data on the changes occurring in body composition and energy balance during treatment. An additional outcome of the study will be to attempt to derive a predictive equation for BCM from simple anthropometric measurements which can be used regularly during treatment. The proposed study, for the first time will provide data on the composition of FFM in children with ALL and estimates of the changes in the composition of FFM during treatment in Indian children.  The understanding of the body composition and energy balance in a group of paediatric cancer patients undergoing treatment will contribute to the body of information that can be used by professionals to tailor nutritional intervention and ensure the best outcome in oncology patients.

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