Implementation Research in India (Karnataka state) towards Accelerating Scale-up of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC)

About 27% of all babies are born with low birth weight (LBW) in India (MoHFW 2014). ). Of the main set of interventions available for care of low birth weight/prematurity in newborns, Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) comprised of skin-to-skin (STS) contact along with optimal feeding is proposed as a ‘game-changer’ in reducing newborn mortality and morbidity. Despite being recognized as a high-impact and cost-effective intervention for decades, KMC is still highly under-utilized in India. Research to close this implementation gap in settings across India will contribute to learning and implementation efforts at the national and global levels to improve coverage.

The primary objective of this project is to develop a delivery model that will result in a high coverage (80%+) and quality of KMC for all eligible babies with birth weight <2000gms>

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