Remote BioMonitoring (RBM) Project: Development of KMC sensor for position and temperature

While post-neonatal mortality rates have been declining steadily worldwide, neonatal mortality rates are not falling fast enough. Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is a key potential life-saver for preterm and low birth weight infants. Its effectiveness is however hampered by suboptimal coverage; and further, verification of reported KMC usage remains a key challenge. Implementation research will help us understand/improve the former and mobile health (mHealth) technologies appear to be a promising avenue for studying the latter.

The specific objective of this project is to design, develop and evaluate an innovative Remote BioMonitoring device for effectively tracking KMC adherence as well as track newborn (and maternal) temperatures coupled with data analytics to trigger action at the level of the care-giver/peripheral health worker in selected study settings in southern India.

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