Measuring the digestibility of snacks prepared from extruded chickpea and yellow pea (Funded by: Tata Trusts)

This project work is aimed to evaluate the digestion and absorption of the dietary amino acids from legume-based food product (chickpea and yellow pea). The use of chickpeas and yellow peas that are intrinsically labelled with a stable isotope (2H) will allow us to understand the digestibility of these legumes in a test meal accompanied with a trace quantity of a differently labelled (13C) known protein. Following the preparation (by different means) and ingestion of this test meal, appearance of labelled amino acids from the legume in the blood, will provide a unique bioavailability measure. Specific objective is to measure the digestibility of chickpea or yellow pea product, when ingested as a single serving, in low socioeconomic primary school age children in South India.

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