The funny world of medical clowns

Authors : Manjulika Vaz , Helena Makri

Publication Year : 2016

Abstract :

Many emotions are encountered in a hospital; distress, apprehension and fear, juxtaposed against relief, gratitude and happiness. Both sets are visible in different people or in the same individual at different points of time. So interlinked are these two sets of emotions and so frequent their occurrence, that doctors, may sometimes become immune to the patient’s emotional state while focussing on the  physical. An important role in caring for emotional health can be played by the Clown Doctor. As part of a team of doctors, paramedics and health service providers, the clown doctor can effectively assist in the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients, particularly in the paediatric age group. This article is a review of the documentary “The Hope Doctors” directed by Diya Banerjee that won public accolades at a film festival hosted by the Public Service Broadcasting Trust of India.