Medical Certification of Death: Development and Feasibility of Deployment of an Online Course for Practicing Doctors

Authors : Kavya Rangaswamy, Rajeev Kamadod, Prem Mony K

Publication Year : 2018

Abstract :

Medical Certification of Cause of Death, a vital tool for country’s cause-specific mortality data, is an important responsibility of all medical practitioners. Despite its criticality, training on accurate certification and coding of cause-of-death is not routinely offered to all medical practitioners in the country very early in their careers. While MCCD training is vital, a face-to-face, classroom-based (traditional) training faces varied hurdles. A low-cost course on certification of cause-of-death that is easily accessible and available to country-wide medical practitioners would majorly benefit by enhancing their knowledge on death certification procedures.

We designed and hosted an 8-hour online course on certification of cause-of-death to strengthen the capacity of medical practitioners in death certification and ICD 10-coding. About 209 doctors from across the country have taken the course over the last six months.

Increasingly, medical practitioners are open to online learning. Accredited, knowledge-based online courses are an excellent tool for Continuing Professional Development of medical practitioners.