Point of Care Haemoglobin Estimation

Authors : Swaminathan S, Thomas T, Bose B, Kurpad AV

Publication Year : 2018

Abstract :

The prevalence of anemia in India is still unacceptably high at 53.1 % in non-pregnant women, 50.3% in pregnant women, 58.4% in children 6 months and 22.7% in adult men and remains a major public health problem. For screening, tracking as well as monitoring the progress of anemia in both in primary and community health care for public health programs, hemoglobin needs to be estimated accurately.

In recent years, point of care (POC) testing is increasingly being used and is defined as the any test performed in closest proximity to the patient outside the controlled conventional laboratory site and which provides rapid results.

This background paper provides information on the different methods used for estimation of hemoglobin, the factors that affect the results of POC testing of hemoglobin estimates in clinical and field settings and the resultant public health implications.