Productivity losses among individuals with common mental illness and comorbid cardiovascular disease in rural Karnataka, India

Authors : Fathima FN, Kahn JG, Srinivasan K, Ekstrand M

Publication Year : 2019

Abstract :

Common mental disorders (CMD) and cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) frequently co?occur. Productivity losses due to these diseases are substantial in high?income countries. Similar data from the developing world are lacking.

This study aims to quantify productivity losses among individuals with comorbid CMD and CVD in rural Karnataka, India.

A cross?sectional study was done among patients with a dual diagnosis of a comorbid CMD and CVD in a district in Karnataka, India.

Three hundred and three patients were administered the iMTA Productivity Cost Questionnaire to measure losses of productivity at paid work (absenteeism and presenteeism) and unpaid work.

Valuation of productivity losses was done by multiplying the number of days of lost productivity by the standard value of productivity based on the minimum wage for agricultural work.

Among individuals with dual CMD and CVD, 76% had productivity losses. These losses were higher at unpaid (62%) than at paid work (32%). At paid work, losses due to presenteeism were greater than those due to absenteeism. The total days of productivity loss were 1204, amounting to 14.2% of the available person?days. The total productivity loss among 303 individuals with mental illness and comorbid CVD over a 4?week period amounted to 30.3 INR (0.47 USD) per person per day, representing 9.9% of total potential productivity.

Productivity losses due to common mental illnesses and CVDs are high. There is a need to conduct more studies in this field.