Tobacco use and risk of acute stroke in 32 countries in the INTERSTROKE study: a case–control study.

Authors : Xingyu Wang, Xin Liu, Martin J O'Donnell, Matthew McQueen, Allan Sniderman, Guillaume Pare, Graeme J Hankey, Sumathy Rangarajan, Siu Lim Chin, Purnima Rao-Melacini, John Ferguson, *Denis Xavier*, *Prem Pais*, Patricio, Salim Yusuf et al..

Publication Year : 2024

Abstract :


Smoking is a major risk factor for the global burden of stroke. We have previously reported a global population attributable risk (PAR) of stroke of 12.4% associated with current smoking. In this study we aimed to explore the association of current tobacco use with different types of tobacco exposure and environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposure on the risk of stroke and stroke subtypes, and by regions and country income levels.