Blood pressure variability in acute stroke: Risk factors and association with functional outcomes at 1 month

Authors : Catriona Reddin, Robert Murphy, Graeme J Hankey, Xingyu Wang, Peter Langhorne, Shahram Oveisgharan, *Denis Xavier*, Conor Judge, Annika Rosengren, Helle K Iversen, Anna Czlonkowska, Fernando Lanas, Aytekin Oguz, Danuta Ryglewicz, Mohammad Wasay, Andrew Smyth, Salim Yusuf, Martin O'Donnell, INTERSTROKE investigators.

Publication Year : 2024

Abstract :

Background and purpose

Blood pressure variability, in acute stroke, may be an important modifiable determinant of functional outcome after stroke. In a large international cohort of participants with acute stroke, it was sought to determine the association of blood pressure variability (in the early period of admission) and functional outcomes, and to explore risk factors for increased blood pressure variability.