Centre for Advanced Research and Excellence in Autism Developmental Disorders


The Centre for Advanced Research & Excellence in Autism and Developmental Disorders (CARE-ADD) is a multi-disciplinary research centre performing state-of-the-art research towards tracing the biological underpinnings of Autism and related developmental disorders, while also exploring cost-effective interventions. The translational output includes the development of tools & technologies for early diagnosis & treatment of Autism and related developmental disorders and scalable models of care.

The centre will conduct foundational research in genomics, brain studies and child behaviours. This will enable us to uncover the myriad of complex relationships among genetics – brain circuitry – behaviour, subsequently leading to an understanding of Autism. While long term research is at the core of the centre, in parallel, the centre will provide screening, therapy, education and parent programmes to address current issues immediately.

In summary, the key highlight of this facility would be combining research and clinical services within the same setting.