Centre for Advanced Research and Excellence in Autism and Developmental Disorders


The Centre for Advanced Research & Excellence in Autism and Developmental Disorders (CARE-ADD) is a multi-disciplinary research centre that aims to trace the biological underpinnings of Autism and related developmental disorders, while also exploring cost-effective interventions. The translational output includes the development of tools & technologies for early detection and intervention for Autism and related developmental disorders; and the future plans are to develop scalable models of care for public health in the State. We also envisage developing nationwide research networks and training a wide variety of professionals. 

Basic and Translational Research: The centre will conduct foundational research in genomics, brain studies and child behaviours. The goal is to uncover the myriad complex relationships among genetics, brain circuitry and behaviour by developing computational models exploiting the advancements in Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning (AI/ML) approaches, leading to a better understanding of Autism. 

Research and services at CARE-ADD come together with the shared vision of incorporating a multi-modal approach, learning from the astute observations of parents and responding to their needs. 

CARE-ADD invites families to participate in clinical research.  For details on research, CLICK HERE.

Clinical Services: The centre will provide screening, assessments, therapy, education and parent training-programmes to address current issues. The interventions will be tailored to the specific needs of the children.  For details on our clinical services, CLICK HERE.

CARE-ADD envisions the development of early identification and intervention models that can be replicated across secondary public health centres within the state. These models will be based on its current approach to clinical services. We are implementing the ComDEALL model of early intervention (individual and group based) on one hand, while also addressing other needs through routine outpatient care models. 

Developing Networks and Training Professionals: CARE-ADD aims to collaborate with research centres across the country to facilitate knowledge sharing and transfer amongst professionals working in shared areas of research. A Fellowship Model is being developed along with collaboration projects in many other specialised centres. A long-term goal is to offer specialised training programmes to equip a variety of health-professionals across the state, to deliver early identification and intervention services.

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Email: info.careadd@stjohns.in    

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Coping With COVID-19 –Guidelines for Families of Children with ASD

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Prize Winning Posters




Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year
1 Molecular Mechanisms of ASD Dr. Aruna Korlimarla, Dr. Ashok Mysore, Dr. Shyam Sundar Rajagopalan 2019
2 Study of Brain Development Trajectories Dr. GRK Sarma, Dr. Ashok Mysore, Dr. Shyam Sundar Rajagopalan 2019
3 Study of Child Behaviours Dr. Vijaya Raman, Dr. Ashok Mysore, Dr. Shyam Sundar Rajagopalan 2019