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Society and Health looks at a wider understanding of medicine, the body, patients and health from the perspective of the arts, literature, history, law, philosophy, religion, anthropology and so on. It draws upon the vast body of knowledge in these various disciplines and fosters non medical enquiry into health related phenomena.

Sl No. Title Authors Journal Name Publication Year
1 Can Mobile Health Improve Depression Treatment Access and Adherence Among Rural Indian Women? A Qualitative Study Bhat A, Goud BR, Pradeep JR, Jayaram G, Radhakrishnan R, Srinivasan K Cult Med Psychiatry 2020
2 Consortium on Vulnerability to Externalizing Disorders and Addictions (cVEDA): A developmental cohort study protocol Sharma E, Vaidya N, Iyengar U, Zhang Y, Holla B, Purushottam M, Chakrabarti A, Fernandes GS, Heron J, Hickman M, Desrivieres S, Kartik K, Jacob P, Rangaswamy M, Bharath RD, Barker G, Orfanos DP, Ahuja C, Murthy P, Jain S, Varghese M, Jayarajan D, Kumar K, Thennarasu K, Basu D, Subodh BN, Kuriyan R, Kurpad SS, Kalyanram K, Krishnaveni G, Krishna M, Singh RL, Singh LR, Kalyanram K, Toledano M, Schumann G, Benegal V; cVEDA Consortium BMC Psychiatry 2020
3 The household economic burden of non-communicable diseases in 18 countries. Murphy A, Palafox B, Walli-Attaei M, Powell-Jackson T, Rangarajan S, Alhabib KF, Avezum AJ, Calik KBT, Chifamba J, Choudhury T, Dagenais G, Dans AL, Gupta R, Iqbal R, Kaur M, Kelishadi R, Khatib R, Kruger IM, Kutty VR, Lear SA, Li W, Lopez-Jaramillo P, Mohan V, Mony PK, Orlandini A, Rosengren A, Rosnah I, Seron P, Teo K, Tse LA, Tsolekile L, Wang Y, Wielgosz A, Yan R, Yeates KE, Yusoff K, Zatonska K, Hanson K, Yusuf S, McKee M BMJ Glob Health 2020
4 Reducing HIV stigma among healthcare providers in India using a partly tablet-administered intervention: the DriSti trial Ekstrand ML, Raj T, Heylen E, Nyblade L, Devdass D, Pereira M, Mazur A, Srinivasan K AIDS Care 2020
5 The Consortium on Vulnerability to Externalizing Disorders and Addictions (c-VEDA): an accelerated longitudinal cohort of children and adolescents in India Zhang Y, Vaidya N, Iyengar U, Sharma E, Holla B, Ahuja CK, Barker GJ, Basu D, Bharath RD, Chakrabarti A, Desrivieres S, Elliott P, Fernandes G, Gourisankar A, Heron J, Hickman M, Jacob P, Jain S, Jayarajan D, Kalyanram K, Kartik K, Krishna M, Krishnaveni G, Kumar K, Kumaran K, Kuriyan R, Murthy P, Orfanos DP, Purushottam M, Rangaswamy M, Kupard SS, Singh L, Singh R, Subodh BN, Thennarasu K, Toledano M, Varghese M, Benegal V, Schumann G; c-VEDA consortium Mol Psychiatry 2020
6 Patient and caregiver reported facilitators of self-care among patients with chronic heart failure: report from a formative qualitative study Kamath DY, Bhuvana KB, Dhiraj RS, Xavier D, Varghese K, Salazar LJ, Granger CB, Pais P, Granger BB Wellcome Open Res 2020
7 The Eternal Grove - A garden of remembrance Vaz M, Vaz M Indian J Med Ethics 2020
8 Resource and Infrastructure-Appropriate Management of ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction in Low- And Middle-Income Countries Chandrashekhar Y, Alexander T, Mullasari A, Kumbhani DJ, Alam S, Alexanderson E, Bachani D, Badenhorst JCW, Baliga R, Bax JJ, Bhatt DL, Bossone E, Botelho R, Chakraborthy RN, Chazal RA, Dhaliwal RS, Gamra H, Harikrishnan SP, Jeilan M, Kettles DI, Mehta S, Mohanan PP, Naber CK, Naik N, Ntsekhe M, Otieno HA, Pais P, PiƱeiro DJ, Prabhakaran D, Reddy KS, Redha M, Roy A, Sharma M, Shor R, Snyders FA, Tan JWC, Valentine CM, Wilson BH, Yusuf S, Narula J Circulation 2020
9 The Making of a "Citizen Doctor": How Effective Are Value-Based Classes? Hedge R, Vaz M Indian J Med Ethics 2020
10 Dietary Iron Intake and Anemia Are Weakly Associated, Limiting Effective Iron Fortification Strategies in India Swaminathan S, Ghosh S, Varghese JS, Sachdev HS, Kurpad AV, Thomas T J Nutr 2019
11 Health Effects of Household Solid Fuel Use: Findings from 11 Countries within the Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiology Study Hystad P, Duong M, Brauer M, Larkin A, Arku R, Kurmi OP, Fan WQ, Avezum A, Azam I, Chifamba J, Dans A, du Plessis JL, Gupta R, Kumar R, Lanas F, Liu Z, Lu Y, Lopez-Jaramillo P, Mony P, Mohan V, Mohan D, Nair S, Puoane T, Rahman O, Lap AT, Wang Y, Wei L, Yeates K, Rangarajan S, Teo K, Yusuf S Environ Health Perspect 2019
12 Associations Between Iron Deficiency Anemia and Wages in India: A Secondary Data Analysis (P22-016-19) Makkar S, Minocha S, Bhat K, John A, Swaminathan S, Thomas T, Mannar V, Kurpad A Curr Dev Nutr 2019
13 Consultation on the feasibility and ethics of specific, probable Controlled Human Infection Model study scenarios in India: A report Vaz M, Timms O, Rose A, Manesh A, Bhan A Indian J Med Ethics 2019
14 The Parallel Arts Festival at the 14th World Congress of Bioethics and the 7th National Bioethics Conference, Bengaluru Vaz M, Timms O, Hegde R, Vaz M Indian J Med Ethics 2019
15 Progress in psycho-oncology with special reference to developing countries Murthy RS, Alexander A Curr Opin Psychiatry 2019