Project Scientist III – DBT Cardinnate Study

Job Details

Post : Project Scientist III

Qualification : PhD with minimum 5 years postdoctoral experience in Bioinformatics and Immunoinformatics with first author publications or significant and defined role in joint publications

No. of Vacancy : One

Language : English, Kannada,

Location : Bangalore, Karnataka

Application due date : 22nd February, 2022

Salary : Rs. 78,000+24%HRA

Brief Description about the Project:

IMPORTANCE Proposal Hypothesis: Variation in innate immune activation and attendant cardiac damage and dysfunction collectively drive systemic immunopathology and account for the differences in COVID-19 mortality between SAs in the UK and India. Specific Aims to Address this Hypothesis 1. Assess the differences in pre-existing health conditions, disease severity and the pattern of in-hospital complications between SAs admitted with COVID-19 in the UK versus India to determine the contribution of pre-existing CVD/diabetes and cardiac dysfunction. Approach: Retrospective analyses of existing clinical and imaging datasets in both countries. 2. Determine whether there are inherent differences in microbially-induced proinflammatory and antiviral immune responses between SAs in UK versus India, and their association with CVD and autoantibodies to IFN. Approach; Study of non-infected subjects with a range of CV risk factors. 3. Perform extensive systemic immunophenotyping, and analysis of endothelial, complement activation, and cardiac function in SAs admitted with severe COVID-19 in London and India to identify key immune patterns / signatures associated with clinical outcome. Approach: Prospective study in patients hospitalised with severe COVID-19. 4. Determine the inter-relationship between immune responses, pre-existing CVD and functional outcome in SAs who have recovered from COVID19 in the UK versus India. Approach: Add-on analyses in recovered COVID-19 patients being monitored at 6-9 months post-discharge.

Key Skills

  • The ability to undertake high end Bioinformatic analysis and data interpret immune functional data derived by RNA Sequence Analysis of bulk immune cells; single cell transcriptome analysis; CHIP-Seq analysis; SNP analysis and T cell and B cell repertoire analysis
  • Ability to work independently and be collegiate within a wider team of immunologists.
  • Evidence of demonstrable scientific leadership skills with first author publications in field of research with impact and keenness to progress towards an independent researcher status.
  • Ability to communicate and interpret scientific literature and primary data using a variety of appropriate software
  • Evidence of having undertaken scientific administrative duties including ordering consumables, awareness of financial records and supervising junior staff

Core Responsibilities:

  • To conduct primary research as per the CARDINNATE award in the context of Bioinformatic analysis of immune data
  • To manage junior staff appointed to the project in conjunction with the PI
  • To undertake key scientific administrative duties in placing ordering and maintaining an overview of expenditure
  • To communicate work plan and data in weekly scientific laboratory meetings
  • To undertake scholarly research activities such as scientific literature analysis to keep abreast of the current field and to effectively communicate academic thinking

Specific Activities

  • To plan, set up and execute scientific data analysis in conjunction with discussions with the PI
  • To train support staff
  • To undertake forward thinking research plans through literature analysis and to test fresh hypothesis.
  • To place orders for consumables and maintain records of finance expenditure
  • To effectively communicate with staff members of the wider department at SJRI and provide an oversight of the overall science

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