The Infectious Disease Unit houses Research in immunological and epidemiological aspects of bacterial, viral and mycobacterial infections. The projects network with clinical departments of St. John’s Medical College and Hospital and few extra-mural institutions. The laboratory in the unit handles molecular biology in the realm of research and diagnostic services for the hospital.  A level 3 containment facility enables work in Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases requiring such a facility. A bio repository unit facilitates storage of various kinds of clinical samples such as peripheral blood cells, plasma, DNA extracts, bacterial cultures, etc. at temperatures of -20deg C, -80deg C and in liquid nitrogen (ether-phase).

The Division of Infectious Diseases focuses on the biological, immunological and epidemiological aspects of viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases of public health importance. The lab is currently working on Dengue, HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria both from the hospital and community setting.