St. John’s Golden Jubilee CME

Apr 04,2014

E-learning in Medical Education - A Bird’s Eye View

St. John’s Medical College is celebrating its Golden Jubilee Year from August 2013 to August 2014. To commemorate this special landmark, a series of symposia and CMEs’ are being organized by various departments of the medical college.
As part of the recent curricular reforms pro-posed by the Medical Council of India (MCI), it has been suggested that medical colleges in India need to have an e-learning component in the undergraduate medical curriculum to supplement the existing methods. E-learning is a learning approach that is interactive, learner-centered and flexible. It offers the opportunity for immediate and specific feedback, objective testing and makes the learning experience more enjoyable. Another advantage of e-learning is that it offers the student a choice in terms of the time, place and pace of learning.
The Departments of Anatomy and Medical Informatics at St. John’s have been at the forefront of the e-learning initiatives of the institution. We would like to share some of our experiences in this field with faculty from other medical colleges. The broad goal of this CME will be to provide an overview of the applications of e-learning in medical education.
Topics Covered:

  • Concepts of e-learning and their practical applications
  • Design and applications of Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Applications of e-learning in anatomy education
  • Introduction to image analysis and morphometry
  • Applications of e-learning for clinical teaching
  • e-learning innovations in health care