Health Literacy for the Masses

Health literacy is generally agreed upon as a means to find, understand, analyse and use information to make better choices about health. This involves communicating information in ways patients and families can understand. The diffusion and use of this knowledge in society is arguably one of the most important factors in improving health outcomes. A team of Informaticists at the Research Institute have created over 40,000 health content factsheets spanning disease conditions, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for dissemination to the masses.
There has been an increasing necessity in India to champion the cause of health literacy. To this effect, the National Knowledge Committee proposed to launch a National Health Information Portal to serve as a comprehensive source of health information in India.  A team from St. John’s Research Institute (Dr. Allen Ugargol, Dr. Kedar Radhakrishna, Dr. Dhinagaran and Dr. Ryan Fernandez) were chosen under the leadership of Dr. Tony D S Raj to submit a proposal to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to set up a portal which would serve as a single point of access for consolidated health information, application and resources and aim to cater to a wide spectrum of audiences.