Medicine Trails- Series of Museum Tours and Activities

The Medicine Trails project of SL Bhatia History of Medicine Museum seeks to explore different facets of Medicine through interesting stories. Our aim is to disseminate the Medicinal stories of the past to wide range of audience from the age group of five to sixty.

Medicinal Trails will be an year-long project inquiring into different questions like the importance of highlighting the failures of the past paving the way for developments and new inventions, the spirit of questioning and the power of great men and women who struggled with the issues of the contemporary society

The project looks at the power of Museum as a dynamic space aiming at bringing together people from across the disciplines like story-tellers, dancers, botanists and collaborates with them for different activities. The Project will come to a close in December 2017 and a review of the activities will be printed and circulated to the people who have participated in the process