Distributed Intelligent Ultrasound Imaging System for Secure in-community Diagnostics (SecureUltrasound)

The project aims to develop a low cost, secure, point of care ultrasound imaging for prenatal care for India.  This secure ultrasound scanning system with guided image capture and a remote diagnostic service can work in rural areas in India and hence significantly improve the prenatal care, health assessment and wellbeing of the baby and the mother.

The proposed research builds on state of the art freehand 3D ultrasound technology, care pathway modelling and design, cloud based framework for ultrasound image analysis, servitization of the healthcare provision and augmented reality based digital medical assistant for prenatal scanning. This research will build on the existing research and investigate new technology development to address the 'skills shortage' and 'selective abortion' challenges in India during prenatal care.  The research will bring the best universities and research institutes in India to work directly with Cranfield University to solve this social challenge using latest technologies. This research will build capability and capacity in less-skilled ultrasound scanning for prenatal care with no visual feedback during scanning in India.

Dr. Tony Raj (Co-Principal Investigator) from the Division of Medical informatics, SJRI along with Dr. Annamma (OB-Gyn - SJMCH) and Dr. Arun George (Radiology - SJMCH) as consultants are working together on this research study.