Society and Health


Society and Health looks at a wider understanding of medicine, the body, patients and health from the perspective of the arts, literature, history, law, philosophy, religion, anthropology and so on. It draws upon the vast body of knowledge in these various disciplines and fosters non medical enquiry into health related phenomena.

Sl No. Project Title Project Lead Year
1 A pilot study to understand the ethical complexities with CHIM (Controlled Human Infection Model) studies and the need for public engagement PI: Dr. Manjulika Vaz, Co-I: Dr. Mario Vaz, Olinda Timms, Avita Johnson 2018
2 Medical Certification of Cause of Death (MCCD) – An e-learning course to improve knowledge and skills of doctors in medical certification of cause-of-death in India Dr. Kavya R 2018
3 Capacity Building of Nurses on Sexuality and Sexual Reproductive Health Issues (CaNs) Maryann Washington 2017
4 ‘Life after death – the dead shall teach the living’- personal narratives of voluntary body donors for medical education Manjulika Vaz 2016
5 Fast tracking Bangalore's response to HIV through a pilot community-led testing model, the first in India Dr. Tony DS Raj, Dr. Savitha Nagraj 2016
6 Impact of solar lighting on health, livelihood, indoor environment; A cluster randomized control trial Dr. Anura V Kurpad, Dr. Sumathi Swaminathan 2015
7 Health Promotion of School Youth through Nurses and Support Groups (HePSY) using the Adolescent Education Programme Plus (AEP Plus) in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Schools Maryann Washington 2015
8 Early detection of hypertension during pregnancy using increased frequency of blood pressure monitoring and information technology: A single group, prospective observational pilot study Dr. Abijeet Waghmare, Dr. Tony Raj 2014
9 Mobile application to monitor quality of ICU care nationwide (CHITRA) Dr. Tony D S Raj, Dr. Sriram Sampath, Dr. Abijeet V Waghmare 2014
10 Usage and Perception of medical related apps by healthcare professionals in a tertiary care teaching hospital in India Dr. Tony Raj, Dr. Abijeet V Waghmare 2014
11 Laboratory based clinical validation of mDocTM wireless equipment in Healthy Indian Adults Dr. Tony Raj, Dr. Kedar Radhakrishna, Dr. Sejil 2014
12 Development of a text mining tool to mine biomedical text from discharge summaries Dr. Tony Raj, Dr. Sriram Sampath 2014
13 The Portrait Film as a Reflective Process of Ethical Discourse: Film Making Workshops Sindhu Thirumalaisamy 2014
14 Humanising Medicine Through Past and Present: A Series of Seminars for Medical Students and Faculty Dr. Kavery Nambisan 2014
15 Continuing Professional Development needs of Nurses in Rural and Remote areas - Nurses Empowerment for Health Action (NEHA) Leah Macaden (University of Stirling, Scotland) and Maryann Washington 2014